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Corporate sponsors are the fuel for any sports organization and the Gremio Football Club San Diego, appreciate all of strategic corporate, partners and sponsors for their support.

We encourage all supporters of Gremio FC to utilize the goods and serves of all our sponsors as especial rates may apply if you mention Gremio FC.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Gremio Football Club relies on contributions in a support of our mission of developing and growing the game of soccer in the community of San Diego, California, United States of America.

Our club was founded by a profesional  brazilian soccer player and inspired in one of the largest clubs in brazil and world Gremio FBPA 1903, from Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil.

Our CEO and Staff have the knowledge in every aspect of the game and is able to offer such high quality soccer development programs and a great opportunity for players in our PRO SOCCER TEAM in the community of San Diego through the generous support of our corporate sponsors and foundantions and individual donors. We are the  PATH TO PRO SOCCER!

Gremio FC goal its help to develop and grow the game in the american community, bringing our brazilian methodology and experience in the game and offering a path to profissional soccer in USA. 

All financial donations can be specified by area of interest and will be utilized to direcly impact services and opportunities within those programs.




If your company would like to discuss sponsorship or partnership oportunities with our club, please contact us.

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